Why Using Social Media for Business is Non-Negotiable!

“Is there ever a time when having a social media presence is an option? I believe the answer is no, in this day and age as a business you can’t afford NOT to leverage social media.” – James Debono


As long as there has been something “new” there have been people hesitant to use it. Everything, including things in our everyday lives like the telephone, has received worried looks and backlash from the business establishment in the past. Over time, adaption takes hold and soon companies can not imagine working without these devices and strategies. In the last few years nothing has gotten more grief and uncertainty that social media.

Here is a great article from earlier this year that I have used with clients who are tentative to doing something new. I tell them, it doesn’t matter what the “next big thing” is, it is word of mouth marketing, and now you can get your message to more people than ever. Get excited!