Nathan Limbach

(401) 323-4743

I feel I am constantly looking to better the world around me. If I see a problem, I automatically put together an action plan to solve it. If I see a better or more efficient way to progress, I put in place the steps necessary to accomplish it.

Personally, I am also looking to improve, feeling that tomorrow is going to be better than today is the driving force behind acceleration and progression. I constantly am looking to learn, read and see more and look to others to help me along the journey.

Professionally, I am seeking a position in a high energy, meaningful endeavor, using my skill set to continue to build satisfaction and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the goal at hand. I have found myself on a crossroad on my path and in the end to use my skill set and experience for the betterment of the community is greatly important. I believe a change of direction and focus has the ability to rejuvenate and enlighten.

I feel the opportunity to put a stamp on the world is now.